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Eteaopia Coffee leaf with morning dew

Welcome  to Eteaopia!

Our aim is to introduce Coffee Leaf Tea (Kuti) to all tea lovers in Australia. This ancient cuppa not only tastes beautiful but is packed with many health benefits. Eteaopia offers pure original Kuti, as well as a choice of blends.


What is Coffee Leaf Tea?

Coffee Leaf Tea has been used traditionally for centuries in Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee. Apart from the bean, the plants leaf has also always been used as a traditional drink and is known as 'Kuti' tea.

With the move to more positive health and wellbeing around the globe, there is now a renewed interest in coffee leaf tea.

Much research has been done on Kuti and its benefits. Studies show that Coffee leaf tea is in fact more healthy than coffee or tea. It is lower in caffeine and higher in antioxidants.  

It is a pleasurable and  unique drink with a fragrant aroma, rich amber colour and earthy taste.

Now that you know, get your hands on some authentic Eteaopia Coffee Leaf Tea!

Relax and enjoy ;)

About Eteaopia

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